onsdag 26 augusti 2015

“Sweden’s past success has led to current failure”

Billedet er taget på Christiansborg den 2 november 2014. (klik f. helskærm) Daniel Pipes analyserer Sverigedemokraternes succes i Washington Times.
Unrestrained immigration has triggered an instinct for self-preservation
This heritage has also inspired an intolerance of dissent, however; “Be quiet, follow the consensus, let the bureaucrats carry it out.” The country has become so notorious for its stifling faux-unanimity that I actually heard a Dane recently ask at a public forum, “Why has Sweden turned into the North Korea of Scandinavia?” [..]
Also, Sweden’s history creates a no-crisis mentality that militates against the hard-headed, flexible responses needed to cope with current problems the country now faces, especially those connected to waves of mainly Muslim immigrants. As one interlocutor put it to me in Stockholm earlier this month, “Past success has led to current failure.” For example, security in Sweden is well below what might find in a country like Bolivia, with few inclinations to make improvements, rendering Islamist violence all but inevitable.
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Ref: http://snaphanen.dk/2015/08/26/dansk-flygtningehjaelp-ragnarok/

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