måndag 3 augusti 2015

Så här skall ett stängsel se ut

Bulgarien visar handlingskraft och föredöme, så här agerar dom mot
oönskad invällning, till trots EU-snyftande politruker i Brüssel:

How Bulgaria keeps migrants out - with 50 miles of razor wire: Fence along Turkish border that is 15ft tall and 5ft wide said to have kept out 500 people in a month

  • Fence sealing Bulgaria's entire border with Turkey appears impregnable
  • Country's authorities want to block people smugglers coming via Bulgaria
  • Fence is monitored 24/7 by armed guards stationed at strategic points
Stretching far into the horizon, this is the super-fence blocking thousands of migrants hoping for a new life in Europe.

As police in Calais struggle to contain thousands trying to storm the Eurotunnel in their desperation to get into Britain, the Bulgarian authorities are shoring up their border with Turkey.

The barriers around the ferry and Eurotunnel terminals in Northern France are breached night after night by migrants trying to reach the UK.

By contrast, the new section of fence being constructed to seal Bulgaria's entire border is designed to appear all but impregnable.

The local authorities are hoping to put off the ruthless criminal gangs exploiting families fleeing war and terror in Syria, Iraq and North Africa from trying to enter Europe via Bulgaria.

Bulgarian Border Police chief Ivan Stoyanov said: 'Our operation has stopped more than 500 migrants from crossing in the last month alone.

'Half were arrested by our Turkish colleagues and half were sent back. The aim of the migrants is not Bulgaria. They often want to get to other European countries like Britain. They use us as a place of transit.'

Infra-red motion-sensitive cameras mean parents carrying their children in bundles are rounded up as they try to smuggle themselves across Europe's eastern frontier under cover of darkness.

The fence is monitored 24/7 by armed guards stationed at strategic points along its current 50-mile length.

Border police look into Turkey from watchtowers with binoculars.


- Om Bulgarien vore lika bra på att stänga inne sina tattare, zigenartiggarna som dränker Sverige, så vore mycket vunnet. Hursomhelst, Bulgarien sällar sig till Ungern, Österike, och diverse andra mindre EU-länder i östzonen, som vägrar acceptera sitt lands nationella undergång via kriminell invällning. Heders och stort tack, eftersom transittrafiken är den som renderar västeuropa nutidens katastrofinvällning! Antar att Bulgarien har ett utbyte med Australien, båda länder med nykter och fast hållning att skydda sina egna intressen och medborgare.

 Turkey Helping Millions Of Muslims To Cross Illegally Into Europe:

- Islamistiske sunnimuslimen, Turkiets konservative president Erdogan, med sultanatdrömmar, bidrar till att dränka Europa med muhammedaner, som en förtrupp till jihad-islamisternas planerade anfallskrig mot civilisationens Europa.

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