tisdag 28 juli 2015

EU-Mogherini makes Europe into an islamic hell

One could almost get curious about the content of that thesis. But even without this knowledge, enough has meanwhile become clear about Mogherini: a gushing islamophile, of whom we are not sure whether she is more stupid than malicious, but who is at a position that makes her deathly dangerous for Europe and Israel and the West.
- Mogherini, unlike what is suggested in the title of this piece, will not of course get the Islamization of Europe done singlehanded, because she will receive help from the leftist monopoly-conglomerate that controls Europe’s culture. Via that leftist monopoly she also achieved that unique position in the anti-democratic EU from which she can help prevail the Evil of Islam in Europe.
Federica Mogherini is the “High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy” of the EU. An earlier article of mine about her was entitled:
“Federica Mogherini is Head of Security in the European Union and sides with the Jihadists. What did you say? Yes, that’s what I said.”
This ” Secretary of Foreign Affairs” of the EU is a typical representative of the leftist superficial monopoly-culture that controls the media, politics, education and all official institutions in Europe. It is a culture of a quasi-youthful “idealism” full of “diversity” and seemingly nice intentions, a culture that serves mainly to arouse and maintain pleasant feelings inside the leftist “idealists”. They are narcissistic hedonists, suffering from self-exaltation-neurosis.
In the absence of true talent they are constantly engaged in moral self-manifestation to show the world of scary “rightists” that they are better people. Doing so they cause disaster on a global scale and create from the times of Robespierre totalitarian systems that have committed hundreds of millions of murders. Communism and Nazism were products of this leftist thinking. Now these European sources of “idealism” are polluted and have become buried under apocalyptic mountains of dead bodies, the leftists have discovered as their ally the most horrible totalitarian system in world history: Islam.


            - En italiensk Mona Muslim~kopia:

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