torsdag 19 november 2015

Turkiet, öppnat dammluckorna till Europa


A Sea Change in the “Refugee” Crisis

- Most American political discussions remain focused on President Obama, and — now that the 2016 campaign is in full swing — the dozen or so major contenders vying to succeed him. All significant events, from petroleum prices through sex scandals to hurricanes, are viewed through the lens of presidential politics. This is the preoccupation not only of the Legacy Media, but also much of the New Media. There has been a drumbeat for the past seven years or so of OBAMA… OBAMA… OBAMA — as if no other public figure were significant. And now there will be a gradual switchover to HILLARY… SANDERS… JEB… TRUMP… CARSON as the next election draws closer, and then after January 20, 2017 the journalistic preoccupation will return to POTUS… POTUS… POTUS, whoever that turns out to be.
This obsessive monomania is a mistake and a waste of energy. Mr. Obama is hardly the cause of our national political disease, but rather a symptom of it — I could go on at length about the “root causes” of Obamaism, but that would be another post entirely.
The same sort of journalistic tunnel vision holds sway in Europe, although it is diffused among a number of political leaders. The European press tends to focus on the pronouncements of Angela Merkel, François Hollande, David Cameron, and other prime ministers and heads of state who appear to occupy the pinnacle of power — as if they were the main architects of crucial public policy and the motive force behind the crucial events of our time.
This is hardly the case. As all the momentous news washes over me, I notice certain eddies and ripple patterns to the tidal ebb and flow of events. Something else is at work besides the capering clowns who strut and fret their hour upon the political stage. It’s hard get a clear view of those occluded causes — they probably include the name “Soros”, but his hand is far from the only one at work.
After digesting a lot of information about the “refugee” crisis over the past four months, these are a few of the facts/deductions that seem important, but not often discussed:
1. The crisis intensified and accelerated in July and August. 
At that point the main route of the migration shifted from 
{Libya  to Lampedusa} to {Anatolia — to Greek Islands}.

2. The new and more massive flow was possible only 

because  Turkey decided to let the smugglers’ boats get 
through. Before that they (the Turkish police and coast 
guard) had interdicted most of them. In the middle of the 
summer they stopped doing that.

3. The change in Turkish policy came not long after 

the first ISIS attack on Turkish soil. My inference from 
this is that Turkey decided ISIS was no longer a net plus 
(the Turks had previously been tolerating and even 
supplying ISIS, with their main target being the Kurds). 
A decision must have been made at the highest levels to 
open the floodgates so that the mujahideen would head 
for Europe, getting them out of Turkey’s hair.

4. A ferry strike in Greece cut off the flow completely 

for several days, so that traffic dried up at the border 
crossing from Slovenia to Austria almost immediately. 
This tells us that it would be easy to stop the refugees, 
and proves that they are being deliberately imported.

5. Migrants only walk about five to ten kilometers 

(three to six miles) during the trip from Lesbos to Austria, 
which is about 1,200 kilometers (750 miles) as the crow 
flies. The rest of the way they are carried by ferry,  train, 
and bus. They pay nothing, but this is a very expensive trip.  
SOMEONE is paying for it.

6. Furthermore, when they arrive in Austria, they pay for 

purchases with 500 Euro notes. SOMEONE gives them 
 that money. They didn’t find it lying in the bushes in Serbia, 
or earn it back home. Not to mention the fact that these 
poverty-stricken people managed to cough up a hefty amount 
to pay the smugglers’ fees.

These are the dots which I am tentatively connecting. 
What’s listed here is much more important than what 
Angela Merkel says, in my opinion. This is the real 
back story.
I’ve concluded that Turkey’s opening of the floodgates 
threw a spanner into the works of the NWO’s plan. This 
was all supposed to happen, but much more slowly — 
it was intended to take another five to ten years, at which 
point it would have been too late for European indigenes 
to save themselves. But the chaos and violence and filth 
of this huge instantaneous “migration” have woken up a 
lot of people who otherwise would have remained asleep. 
It’s a game-changer.
I feel more optimistic about the situation in Europe than I 
have in a number of years. What is stirring now began too 
late to forestall a lot of ugliness, suffering, and death. But 
change is coming.



- Just därför måste Europa, EU, begrava idén att avtala, till
oerhörda kostnader, med Turkiet, om gränsskydd mot EU:s
yttre gräns. Inkl luras att ge turkar visumfritt tillträde till
Europa. Det är en ren setup, ett falkspel. Turkiet är ett
sunnimulimskt land, wahabitiskt, med ett styrande parti,
AKP, som inte döljer sin faibless för det 'sanna islam'. Och
'den enda' -  vilket är den korantrogna ISIS-tillämpningen -
i dess oförsonliga och brutala förlängning väntar
världskalifatet, islams världsdominans. Samt, innan
eller parallellt, ett osmanskt imperium v2.0, styrt av
en nutida turkisk sultan. En officiellt uttryckt vision
av AKP:s högsta företrädare, Erdogan och Davatoglu,
som inte kan smälta att imperiet kollapsade i s m WW1,
återstoden blev dagens Turkiet.


Bob Tee on said:
"So Erdogan is up to his neck in this human 
smuggling racket. I wonder what his monetary
cut from this scheme is. He is certainly vigorously
defending it – this Newsweek article from yesterday
quotes him criticizing any anti-“refugee” sentiment in
Europe following last Friday’s Paris attacks:

I also wonder why the overwhelming numbers of these
illegal immigrants are young, healthy and fit males 
of fighting age – not the usual cross-section of desperate
refugees fleeing war-torn countries that you would expect.
A possible explanation (courtesy of Bret Harte in the
Australian Morning Mail) is the UN resolution of 2000
entitled “Replacement Migration:Is It a Solution to 
Declining and Ageing Populations ?”. This resolution
calls for Western nations to “replace” their own indigenous
populations by (specifically) Muslim migrants, supposedly
to finance the West’s aging population while at the same time
 “freeing” Muslims around the world from their entrenched
misery overseen by brutal dictators.

What could possibly go wrong? Other than the complete 
destruction of the West and the enlightened values it holds
of course. This might also explain the obstinate determination
by certain European leaders to ensure this invasion into their
own countries continues.


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