fredag 13 november 2015

Ensamkommande ****

“Let me in so I can destroy your way of life”

 - 470 unga män från tredje världen bor på Norrbygården i Fagersta. Nu har man börjat “strejka” för att man tycker att maten är för dålig på boendet och rummen är för små. Den så kallade strejken går bl.a. till så att man i matsalen hånflinandes hoppar på borden, förnedrar personalen, bankar med brickorna och skriker om hur dåligt Sverige och svenskarna är. Talande film från “protest” på asylboende i Fagersta
Jeg kender navnene på så mange dybt ligegyldige kunstnere og artister, bureaukrater, bøsser og operasangere i Sverige, men jeg havde aldrig hørt om Fransesca Quartey. Det er gået hende noget til hovedet, at hun har en sort far. David Cole skriver i Taki’s Magazine om sit møde med hende: Rise of the Victim Conquerors, We’re gonna make Sweden unrecognizable.
"As Sweden crumbles under the weight of an unassimilable minority, as the Swedish foreign minister claims that her country is facing collapse due to a flood of refugees, my thoughts flash back to 1998, and a lengthy, contentious dinner I had with one of the preeminent progenitors of multiracial and multicultural Sweden: Fransesca Quartey.

Somewhere in between the appetizer and the main course, Fransesca Quartey decided to go off on a tangent about her ultimate goal, the thing she was going to leverage her stardom to achieve. Now that she’d been “accepted” by the Swedes, her plan was to use her clout to transform the country into a multicultural mecca in which the old traditions and culture would be jettisoned for a new “afro-Sweden.”
Quartey seemed genuinely hostile toward the native Swedes. “They think they run the place,” she exclaimed, “but look out! The immigrants are coming and so is a new Sweden. We’re gonna make that country unrecognizable.”
I knew if I said anything, I’d be in the doghouse with my girlfriend for at least a week, but I couldn’t resist. I asked a simple, one-word question: “Why?”
Quartey stopped cold. She froze. In the echo chamber that was her life, I honestly don’t think this was a question she’d ever been asked.
“What do you mean?” she sputtered.
“Why change such an old and indigenous culture? A nation that has welcomed you with open arms, a people who have inhabited the land since prehistory, a people far more indigenous than the bare-assed hut-dwelling natives of the Amazon. The Swedes have given you a good life; why destroy what they have?” Hot damn, did things get unpleasant at the table from that point on.
I never saw her again, but I emailed her last week, to get her opinion, seventeen years later, of the current state of affairs in “diverse,” “multiracial” Sweden. She flatly refused to discuss the matter. This young lady who was so chatty, so eager to opine, in 1998, is silent now, as Sweden is rocked by internal strife and destabilization.



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