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What's wrong with the Swedes?

Sveriges extrema invällningspolitik har fått ytterligare strålkastarljus på sig, i efterskörden av den stora drunkingsolyckan i Medelhavet förra veckan. Internationella media - inte vänsterns och kulturmarxismens förstås - lyfter alltmer upp det bisarra Sverige, och de värsta svenska förespråkarna. Som den nu ökända folkmordspartisten Cecilia Wikström, sittandes i EU:

"What’s wrong with the Swedes — and so many other Whites?"

"- Another in the unending list of suicidal behavior by Swedes, this one by Cecilia Wikström, a Member of the European Parliament for the center-right (!) Liberal Party, who is concerned about the recent drownings in the Mediterranean of Africans attempting to invade Europe. Note that, once again, the Holocaust is front and center stage as a paradigm requiring Westerners to engage in pathological altruism and embrace diversity and their own dispossession.

A Swedish MEP is stepping up a pan-European cross-party campaign for “legal and safe routes to Europe” for migrants in the wake of the latest Mediterranean boat disaster. Cecilia Wikström, has told The Local that EU member states are currently doing so little to help guarantee safe passage that future generations will compare their actions to Sweden “turning a blind eye” to the Holocaust.

The MEP – who is a long-time advocate of safer passage for refugees seeking safety in Europe – made headlines on Monday after she initially told Swedish television network SVT that future generations would liken the approach of EU governments to the policy of appeasement during the Second World War.

Speaking to The Local after the broadcast, the centre-right Liberal Party politician said: “I stand by what I was saying …. I think that my children and grandchildren are going to ask why more wasn’t done to help people running away from Isis, or violence in Eritrea or wherever, when we knew that people were dying in their thousands. [On the contrary, your children and grandchildren are going to wonder how you could be so naive and morally bankrupt as to make them a resented minority in an area that their people had dominated for thousands of years.] People will ask the same question they did after the war, ‘if you were aware, why didn’t you do something?’. In Sweden we allowed our railroads to be used to transfer Jews to Nazi death camps.” …"

Källa: http://www.theoccidentalobserver.net/2015/04/whats-wrong-with-the-swedes-and-so-many-other-whites/

      The Destruction of Classical Civilization (#islam)

- Läs gärna kommentarerna till artikeln, man skäms verkligen att vara svensk, när man inser att folk i andra länder börjar betrakta svenskar - speciellt valda politiker - som galna fullblodsidioter, i full färd med att rasera sitt eget land för alltid. Och totalt strunta i att företräda sina väljares intressen, agerande i helt motsatt riktning.

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