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People smugglers using Facebook to lure migrants into 'Italy trips'

Using phrases more suited to tourist magazines and images of luxury yachts, smugglers based in Egypt and Turkey openly advertise services on social media.

- It reads like the website of a travel agency. “A trip to Italy next week in a big fast tourist yacht,” says the Facebook post beneath a picture of a luxury ocean liner. “Two floors, air-conditioned, prepared for tourists. Recommended for families.”

But a package holiday this is not. It is the Facebook page of a Turkey-based people smuggler, one of dozens if not hundreds of smugglers using the social network to advertise their services in plain sight. Once contactable only through trusted third parties, now smugglers along the southern and eastern shores of the Mediterranean are openly publicising their phone numbers, prices and schedules on social media to drum up business.

“Asylum and immigration to all of Europe – helping people in immigration and asylum” is the tagline for a second Turkish network. A third group, “Travel aid”, offers fake visas and passports, while a fourth smuggler, based in Egypt, calls his group “The way to Europe”, and illustrates its page with an image of Moses parting the Red Sea.

Libya's people smugglers: inside the trade that sells refugees hopes of a better life
Different smugglers use their groups for slightly different purposes. Some simply advertise specific trips (in one network, speedboats from Turkey to Greece are listed as €1,500 (£1,100) per person, and cargo boats to Italy cost €6,500, with children half-price). Several smugglers use their pages to liveblog the progress of their clients across the sea. Other groups constitute a chatroom for migrants to share stories and advice. And many pages are used by smugglers to assuage concerns over migrant safety – with varying degrees of credibility.

“Very safe” reads the slogan overlaid on a picture of a boat used by a well-known Egyptian smuggler, Abu Alaa. It looks old and rusty, but Abu Alaa – a pseudonym that means “Alaa’s father” – uses this to his advantage. “It may not look pretty, but it’s perfect,” he continues. “It’s like a good suit you’d wear to a wedding. All its parts are made from iron.”

Källa: http://www.theguardian.com/world/2015/may/08/people-smugglers-using-facebook-to-lure-migrants-into-italy-trips


Att Turkiet är djupt involverat i denna smutsiga 'business' är uppenbart. Ett av skälen torde vara att man via denna kött-tsunami exporterar muslimer och islam, eftersom passagerarna i nästan uteslutande grad är medletida ignoranter, helt obildat bottenskrap, som är islam-indoktrinerade. Eftersom Turkiet öppet är sunni, och därmed är en del av den oförsonliga morddoktrinen kallad Medina-islamismen, är en indikation så god som någon. Det är en del av det islamskt uttalade målet, att erövra hela världen, till vilket mördande och andra övergrepp som helst. Politisk-religiösa skäl ligger alltså bakom, förutom jätteförtjänster för de gangstrar som arrangerar dödsresorna via Medelhavet.

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