söndag 3 maj 2015

A New Stockholm To Be Built Within 6 Years

- Swedish politicians decided - people never asked - to demolish the state, making it an ethnic multicultural melting pot. Civilization will drop to poor standard, criminality growing, the society will become a copy of the worst scumbag countries in the world, especially the ones in Africa and Middle East. High treason, the perpetraitors should be brought to justice and eliminated.

The only opposition party, Sverigedemokraterna, is growing steadily, from below five percent to present twenty percent of voters, could be the biggest party in next election 2018. But the old political parties, seven in all, constantly refuse to respect this democratic movement and  change, along with the media they shut their eyes, presenting lies to the public. People in general finally realized the big bluff, internet mainly but also some publishers has realized this can't be ignored. These anti-democratic parties are digging their own graves, polls show their constant drop in popularity, they are all losers, only Sverigedemokraterna is regularly increasing their share of the voters.


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