måndag 9 mars 2015

Greece Threatens to Release Half a Million Subhuman Asylum Seekers Into Europe

These vibrant cultural enrichers are coming soon to a Europe near you.

- As the situation in Greece deteriorates due to the failure of Marxist Jew puppets Syriza, the country is now – in a desperate attempt to blackmail Europe – threatening to release hordes of parasitic subhuman “asylum seekers” into the rest of Europe.


"Greek Deputy Minister of the Interior, Giannis Panousis, has threatened the release of 300,000 to 500,000 illegal immigrants into other European countries.

Greece needs to be financially accommodated for the refugees more than other EU countries, Panousis would said, according to the German news magazine Focus. “Otherwise we will give 300,000 immigrants travel documents and cause a tidal wave over Europe.”

On Greek television, Panousis said about half a million refugees can be sent. That figure is the estimated total number of “illegals” that resides in Greece.

Panousis is a non-partisan politician. He recently said the “Dublin III regime” for refugees in the EU was the wrong approach. Dublin III stipulates that each EU country is responsible for the asylum seekers who arrive in their country.

Panousis wants immigrants are more evenly distributed across the EU and that the economic strength/weakness of a particular state be considered in their distribution."

Greece is now using subhuman mud people as a weapon of war. Threatening to release them upon Europe is like threatening to release locusts or other parasites. These “asylum seekers” are nothing more than an absolute plague, bringing misery and destruction everywhere they go. Greece knows this very well, as the asylum seeker plague has helped Golden Dawn significantly.

Greece releasing half a million of these cockroaches into Europe might just be what it takes to stoke the fires of nationalist revolution.  While it obviously sounds horrible, this can only work out in our favor.  The more people experience vibrant cultural enrichment, the more people join our side.  Plus, this means that the left-wing European Jewnion types who support mass immigration from their all-white gated communities might now actually have to experience some of that wonderful diversity for themselves.

Our time is coming soon, brothers.  It’s happening.


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