onsdag 6 januari 2016

Turkey mosque strategy

The Real Reason Turkey Is Building So Many Mosques

The biggest mosque in Turkey is currently being built on a hill overlooking Istanbul. It’s just one of hundreds that have gone up in recent years, raising questions about who they’re for, and who’s making money from them. Borzou Daragahi reports for BuzzFeed News from Istanbul.

It's a power demonstration, not only a muslim religion matter. This article reveals how Turkey will expand its influence outside the country. An ottoman empire 2.0 openly expressed, also the caliphate to expand all over the globe. Frightening scenario, showing the mad  man Erdogans obsession of himself, as the man on top, a 'god' in his twisted mind. The man who openly is proofed to support and working together with Daesh/IS, the worlds most brutal terrorist organization. Sunni-muslim conservatives, practicing the quran as written from their prophet Muhammed, in his so called Medina era, the violent and non-forgiving and valid part. Due to rules saying that the later the suras are chronologically written (higher numbered), they are indisputably valid before those earlier written.

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